Who We Are?


Trade Life Hood | Hood Trades |Bitcoin Tagalog Coach

One of the founding members of Traders Circle and creator of HTC trading strategy.

Hood has mentored a lot of people and helped them achieve their financial freedom through cryptocurrency since 2017.

He is also the person behind Hood Trades and Wealth Icon, one of the biggest liquidity providers backed by 3 major international exchanges and wallets for cryptocurrency. He is also the founder of Gainers Ground.

From a hardworking Overseas Filipino Worker in Japan for 13 years, he went home with his hard-earned money to form a company and eventually, after years of endeavor developing his own strategy, he graduated as a full-time trader.

In the last 8 years, he has coached around 8,000+ students, helping almost 800 of them become millionaires through trading.


Toguro1000 | T1K

With 3 years of trading experience, began his journey as one of the first students in Cryptohood’s online course. He went from knowing nothing to becoming a profitable trader and winning multiple trading competitions along the way.

Impressed by his trading abilities and passion, Cryptohood invited him to join their team as an in-house trader where he now serves as a full-time trader.

Now, he is actively sharing his trading knowledge and helping others succeed in the world of trading.